The Case For Local Fine Art Gallery Shows

December 01, 2016

Yea!  I sold another large fine art photography Piece!

This was from a local show I did in Clearwater Florida.  We were invited to a show by a local gallery, the Tampa Bay Fine Arts Photographers Association, and the City of Clearwater.  

They wanted to showcase one of their main streets and gave us a green light to shoot anywhere and anything.

It was great!  From hanging off of buildings to taking nudes in a pizza parlor window, we covered it all!

The show brought in many people and was a real success for all.  

As fine art photographers, we want to be in some national museum, but connecting with a community is really where its' at!  I love when a community embraces artists and this was a great example!

erik cocks fine art photography saleLimitlessSold this large fine art print to a local Clearwater Florida business owner!