Fine Art Exhibition in Clearwater, FL Success

October 25, 2016

Three of my fine art photography pieces were featured in an exhibit in Clearwater Florida for its Jazz Fest.


There was a great turn out and I’m always excited to see what the other artists bring to the exhibits for their vision and final products.

This was a themed show that featured images on just one street in the downtown Clearwater district. Artists were allowed to use retail and commercial establishments to shoot in and in my case, the pizza parlor I wanted to work in opened first thing in the morning so I could photograph nudes.


The vision I had was that a person would be in a restaurant nude, exposed to the world yet positively comfortable and secure in that she needed nobody to make her feel whole. The artistic images I had in mind would take a vintage feel and fall within the expressive genre as they were designed mainly to convey emotional impact and promote a feeling of empowerment.


The model I worked with was incredible and pulled off the images with poise, grace and power.  I’m looking forward to work with her again on a fine art photography project I have coming up, so stay tuned.