Fine Art Photography Show Realities - A Day In The Life

March 21, 2017
One of my recent fine art photography show is over. I'm happy, I'm tired, I'm moving onto producing the next show. I wanted to give younger and aspiring artists an idea of what it really takes to be involved in a fine art gallery show. So, for starters, I make a good living taking pictures and selling art, but as an artist, you will often find th...
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Honored to Be Featured in the Tampa Nude Night Show

March 03, 2017
I just dropped off my newest work "Faith Exposed" to Nude Night in Tampa! This is an adult themed show (don't bring the kids lol!)! I'm proud to have my work featured and know it will start discussions! The show is in south Tampa Thursday through Saturday nights. The nude images I create in my fine art work are both...
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Making sure your artistic vision doesn't kill the model

December 23, 2016
Artists often come up with concepts for images that push reality and just like in the movies, we are tasked with what to create in reality and what to add afterwards dues to safety and cost. However, I often shoot actual film so doing my work mostly "in camera" is often the "best" way to get the results I want and still keep things safe. Fine art...
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The Case For Local Fine Art Gallery Shows

December 01, 2016
Yea! I sold another large fine art photography Piece! This was from a local show I did in Clearwater Florida. We were invited to a show by a local gallery, the Tampa Bay Fine Arts Photographers Association, and the City of Clearwater. They wanted to showcase one of their main streets and gave us a green light to shoot anywhere and anything. It w...
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Will the Election Influence Art Collecting?

November 08, 2016
... of course it won't. Everything influences the skittish world of art collecting. Art collecting is always in a state of flux. Whether it is the Trump and Clinton Election, Brexit or the natural disasters that influence us. However with crazy world events or looming economic times, there are some things art collectors benefit from: Emergin...
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