Erik Cocks is an influential contemporary fine art photographer fine art photographer based in Tampa, FL.

He’s been creating artistic images for over 30 years, and his childlike sense of wonder (some call it immaturity) and friendly personality have allowed him the fortune of creating art for and photographing presidents, punk bands, movie stars, and supermodels.

Erik’s drive to pose questions in images is founded in the photojournalism he has been involved in after earning a degree at the University of Miami in communications, then moving forward to earn a master’s degree.



Erik Cocks (1968, Portland, United States) is an artist who works with photography as his medium. With Plato’s parable of the cave in mind, he makes work that deals with the foundational emotions of our lives and the backstory to how these foundations are laid.

His works deconstruct reality to confront emotions as aesthetically resilient, thematically interrelated material for memory and projection of self. The raw emotional intensity and gentle strength of his photos frequently contrasts with the carefully calculated and composed images he delivers.

The possible seems true and the truth exists, but it has many faces, often under the multi-layered masks of social constructs. With a conceptual approach, he tries to respond to a wide scale of subjects in a multidimensional way, and believes in the idea of form following expression in a work.

Erik’s visual poetry strives to convey moods and emotions of intangible experiences or psychic events. These highly subjective photographic images present how our decisive moments are stitched together into the cloth of personality that wraps us.

Erik Cock’s deliberately counter-cultural images often suggest female liberation but are also emotional self-portraits by proxy in many instances.   His work challenges the establishment’s cultural norms and defied convention, instead embracing historical allegories.

Erik Cocks works out of Tampa, Florida but travels the world seeking subject matter and new challenges.  He is represented by Galleries on both coasts and typically works in limited edition series prints. His work has been featured in multiple gallery and museum shows in the U.S.